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Jon started cutting hair in 2006 in Monmouth/ Middlesex County, NJ, taking his love for street art and applying it to his newly learned passion, cutting hair. He started in a barbershop at a mall learning how to begin his hair journey. Less than a year later he moved to his first real Barbershop, Charles' Classic Cuts. Here was where he learned how to use a razor to create designs. Once he knew what the tool was capable of doing, he began trying more and more complicated designs. He began creating designs based on the same rules used in graffiti, doing what known as freestyle designs. 

First Design 2008

He began to copy pictures, which are known as duplicate designs, starting simple, then onto more intricate images. Since then, Jon has worked in some of the most respected shops in NJ, and worked around the U.S. as a platform artist for BaByLiss Pro and Muk Haircare.


Skull design 2018


Crop 2018


His love for barber competitions and hair shows brought him to create @barber_battles, an Instagram that shows when and where these events are. Doing this landed him in the industry's most popular magazine, "BARBER EVO". Jon has judged and competed in a number of barber battles around the north east, winning a total of 7 trophies. In 2018 he decided to go the next step, and open the

KINGS OF THE CRAFT BARBERSHOP and to this day continues to hone his craft. Aside from doing designs, Jons number one focus at all times is to produce top quality haircuts for his clients.

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